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In searching for a place to stay when we arrive in Hollywood, we’ve encountered the Usual, the Larney, and the Cheap-and-dingy. In fact, while the borders between these house types are somewhat blurry, the vast majority of houses worldwide fit pretty neatly into one of them.

However, every now and then one encounters the rare property that falls into the Awesome category. Here’s the one I want – an early 19th century windmill, restored and modernised.  Four floors of round rooms, with an upstairs room filled with windows, offering 360° views for miles and miles.

Wouldn't *you* want to stay there?

Obviously, the price is too high, and the space is too small (unless I can convince the kids to rough it in the garage), but if I was single…

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4 Responses to Places to stay – Category: Awesome

  1. Brad Nixon says:

    That is a truly bodacious pad. I was going to say something sharp about giving up the “if I were single” line, but The Counselor suggests that the KIDS would have a GREAT time living in the lighthouse, while the PARENTS live in the garage! See old music hall ditty: “I’m going to marry a lighthouse keeper.”

  2. Brad Nixon says:

    Uh, sorry. Windmill, not lighthouse. Duh. 30 miles from the coast.

  3. Diana Greene says:

    That’s a place I could live in too and I am single! It’s perfect. I’m enjoying your articles. Have you done a story on Bill Green of Maine? He continues to keep Mainers enlightened and informed and he does have quite a huge following. He even has a loyal following in Iraq!
    Keep up the great work!

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