Samsung Galaxy S (front view) - 1

Image by karlaredor via Flickr

I wouldn’t have thought I’d have been writing an article on cellphone technology in this space, but here goes. The reason is that I have a spanking little Android phone in my grubby little paws and, to be honest, I love it.

I thought I’d give the on-screen keyboard a thorough test run by writing this on it, and if I make it to the end without throwing it against the wall in frustration, it’ll prove (to me at least) that it’s not such a bad thing after all.

Reason number one is the keyboard – it’s called Swype and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Literally. No, really. All you do is swoosh your finger across the keyboard and it picks up your patterns as words. The really amazing thing is that even when you get it wrong, it figures out what you really wanted. Have a look on Youtube if you don’t believe me (and I’m sure some of you don’t). A Guinness world record for a speedy type doesn’t come every day.

Second us the pure cool factor – sleek and chic, with swishes to the left and right giving immediate response. I realise that I’m about 3 years behind everybody else with their iPhones, (and even Nokia do half decent touch phones these days) but I don’t care. I’ve finally caught up and I’m loving it.

Lastly, the number of decent apps you can get, especially those that are location based, is immense. Goggles, Skymap, and Layars are all fantastic. On top of all the customisation available (try doing that on an iPhone:), the options are endless. And it allows me to check my personal mail at work, which I’m not allowed to do on the work computers…

Of course, battery life is terrible, but I can live with that. And my 30 minute window of opportunity has just closed, and I need to go. Still typing on the Swype keyboard, and getting faster by the minute.

Unfortunately, something went wrong with the “publish” option on the phone, and it saved the above as a draft,  rather than actually doing what it says on the button. So much for that – but could have been because I was dashing out the house at the time, and I left the wifi area half-way through the operation.

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