Say What?

Back home, it’s a bit of a cliché that come Christmas time, the speed cameras come out in force to pay for the bonuses of the traffic police. I don’t know whether there’s any truth in that, but the general perception is that the speed fine system is used as a money-making scheme.

That seems to be coming through here as well. The ubiquitous (and I’m not just saying that – they really are everywhere) cameras here are hated – not just because of the fines, but because for each infringement you get points against your license – 3 a shot. If you get to 12, your license is suspended. Nasty.

But now, the rules have changed, and instead of the money from the fines going to the council where they’re placed, they go to central government. So, with drastic budget cuts across most councils, it turns out that the councils just don’t have the money to operate the cameras. So they’re in the process of being shut down. Yes – you heard that right – a big money making scheme gets closed down due to lack of money.

Gotta love this country.

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