Magic of the Small Screen

Why don't you toss your TV outI thought I’d follow up on a previous post give you a few more examples of the wonderful, quality programmes on good ol’ British TV. For the sake of my sanity, I’m avoiding the following:

  • Copy cat shows (The Biggest Loser, et al), reworks (Fat Families) and rehashes (The Biggest Loser, Australia!)
  • Reality shows
  • Cooking shows

This is probably not suitable for those with sensitive dispositions.

One Born Every Minute – a documentary showing the birthing of babies at a Southampton hospital. Includes actual footage of the birth, the screaming mothers, the swearing, the sweating, and the blood and gore that follows. There are lengthy interviews with the parents-to-be before, after, and during the process. Occasionally the circumstances warrant a modicum of interest, but by and large it’s average people going through what comes across as a conveyor belt procession of new babies.

Elephant: Life After Death –  a documentary showing what happens to an elephant carcass after it dies. Apparently, the elephant body has enough calories to keep a human alive for 8 years, but in the wild it lasts for just over a week. The documentary shows all the animals and organisms which come and feast on the elephant. Not to be watched just before dinner.

Eastenders Revealed – Not satisfied with having a long-running, mediocre soap, here’s a programme that looks behind the scenes, and explains key twists and events in the plot. Just in case you missed them. (Or, more likely, just in case you didn’t understand them when they happened in the actual show.)

World of Compulsive Hoarders – Just in case you’re one of those who keeps everything, this one serves as a warning of what happens when you take it too far. Following a cross-section of sufferers, the programme considers how the condition impacts on their lives, from the man who received an Asbo for collecting his neighbours’ rubbish, to a retired accountant who’s forced to confront the problem when his wife intervenes.

Freddie Flintoff vs The World – Andrew Flintoff (the famous English cricketer, for those of you going “huh?”) travels around the world taking on random people in random pursuits. Sled racing, canoing, luge, all the sort of things that Flintoff is really excellent at, of course. I note that there’s no mention of pedalo racing, though. His budget is probably straining a bit as he wasn’t picked for the IPL this year, missing out on $1m or so. Shame.

I think that’s enough for now.

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1 Response to Magic of the Small Screen

  1. Brad Nixon says:

    Nick, you’ve lifted spirits all over the globe, because the fare is just as dire EVERYWHERE. Where is Marshall McLuhan? He left in despair, that’s where.

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