There are three features of the common or garden English accent which I find a little grating. They are the Glottal stop, the Fink, and the Wabbit. I’m not too terribly fussed by the first one (as long as my kids don’t pick it up) – it’s more of a curious anomaly than anything truly offensive. The other two, though, just reek of pathetic weakness, especially as they tend to be more of a male malady. The Fink is the tendency to pronounce the soft ‘th’ as an ‘f’, while the Wabbit turns an ‘r’ into a ‘w’.

There’s a well-known presenter on British TV who uses both the Fink and the Wabbit. His name is Jonathan Ross. Except that he can only say it as “Jonafin Woss”.

Never trust a man who is unable to say his name properly.

While waiting for a flu jab at my office’s health centre, I noticed a pamphlet advertising an Indian Head Massage. Apparently someone comes in once a week to provide these massages (at a cost) to staff. I took the pamphlet for Ankit, as he’s the only person in my team with an Indian head.

You may have heard that the implementation date for Solvency II has been shifted back by a year – compliance is now due to start on 1 January 2014. This means that the work that I was doing at Phoenix is now on hold, and I’ll end up doing something different. Not sure what yet – replanning is big business around these parts, and it can’t be rushed. I should have expected this, though – I was reading a paper written in late 2003 the other day, which was about the introduction of the ICA regime in the UK. It was designed as a precursor to Solvency II, to ease the way for life companies to make the change (partly by influencing Europe to follow the path already trod). About half-way through, it talks about the work being undertaken on Solvency II, “with a tentative implementation date of 2008”.

At least that indicates that progress is being made – in eight years, the deadline has only slipped by six. At that rate, by the time 2014 rolls around in just over two years, a further shift of eighteen months should be reasonable, and we’re looking at an implementation date towards the end of 2015.


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