Pasta for the Simple at Heart

At the risk of this turning into a foodie blog, I think it’s about time I made at least a cursory mention of my adventures with pasta. It’s been just over a year since I received a pasta machine as a Christmas present, and since then, fresh pasta has been a regular Friday evening meal.

Until you’ve tasted it, I don’t think it’s possible to realise just how bland and lifeless shop-bought pasta is. And fresh pasta is just so easy and quick to prepare that I wonder sometimes why it took me so long to get into the habit. Perhaps because pasta flour isn’t easy to come by in South Africa, and as a result, nobody I know makes it themselves. (Although, that shouldn’t really be a factor – nobody I know here makes it themselves either.) It’s probably Jamie Oliver’s fault – he’s always banging on about how wicked and lovely bubbly it is.

I’ve discovered that the simple sauces are the best. No need to go and cook up something really fancy, with loads of ingredients. A bottle of pesto is perfect. Or salmon and cream cheese. Just enough to add a little something to the taste of the pasta.

And so when I happened across this post this week, it sounded like something just up my alley. Just two ingredients – three parts butter to one part Parmesan cheese. Superbly rich, saturated in cholesterol, but with a lovely little habit of coating the pasta just enough to complement it perfectly. But I was amazed that when I tried searching for this recipe (just to find out when to melt & mix the two), that it’s really hard to find. Everybody has the American recipe which includes cream and all sorts of other stuff (seriously – if you need to add pepper, garlic and cream, you’re missing the point). Even sites that claim to be “the original from Alfredo himself!” go on to say “I like it extra creamy” and provide the with-cream recipe.

So I was left to experiment. And it didn’t come out half bad at all. I’ll just have to try a few other method variations to make sure it’s coming out absolutely perfect, though.

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