The Great Camping Trip of 1838

It’s a joy to see that my children (and especially my daughter) are fitting in to life in England pretty well. But occasionally, something comes up that gives me a twinge of guilt.

There we were, in the Ambassador theatre, playing I Spy while waiting for Stomp to start (as you do). Anna came up with something starting with “C”. It took us a while before giving up, and finally, she pointed to one of the coat of arms around the top of the stage as a clue. These were representing the old British colonies, such as Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand. The one she was pointing to was this one:

South African Coat of Arms (1910)

Well, they only had the central shield, with the four emblems of the four colonies that joined together to form the Union of South Africa – Hope (for the Cape Colony), Wildebeest (for Natal), the Orange tree (the Orange Free State), and of course, the Ox wagon (for Transvaal). The latter represents the Great Trek, one of the seminal events of SA history.

And the item beginning with “C”? Turns out it was a campervan.

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