Slow on the Road

There’s one thing about cycling that gets me annoyed. It’s the road signs that mean one thing for cars, but something completely different for me. Or rather, one road sign in particular – the big, white SLOW written on the tarmac.

Sometimes, it’s perfectly ignorable – when it’s placed just in front of a sharp curve, for example. But a lot of times it’ll be placed half-way up a steep hill, to warn cars that they need to watch out for the blind rise.

On a bicycle, by the time you get half-way up the hill and ride over the SLOW, you are going slowly. And the road sits there and watches you struggle up the incline, changing down gears and pedalling hard. It giggles softly to itself, points a finger, and smirks “SLOW”. Very funny, you stupid road, I know I’m slow, but I’m going as fast as I can, damn it!

This is my 100th post on this blog. Doesn’t feel like that many – probably because so many of them have been so forgettable. So here’s a top 5 listing of the posts that have got the most attention, just in case you missed them in a boredom-induced soporific stupor:

I’m rather impressed that two actuarial (and one quasi-actuarial) post managed to get into that list. I’m even more impressed that I managed to actually publish this post after getting lost in the stats for nearly half an hour. Fascinating stuff to be found there in the back room of…

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1 Response to Slow on the Road

  1. Karl says:

    100 blogs! And socialising documents tops the list 🙂 I’m impressed. I’ve really tried to resist using that particular phrase since you wrote this, but just occasionally it slips past my defences

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