LEJOG, Day 1

Having woken up at 4:30 (as you do), driven the 5 and a half hours to our destination, we had a quick lunch and started back towards where we came from. I must admit that it was  rather daunting driving along the route that we knew we’d be going back on in a few hours’ time – every hill seemed to be magnified a few times when viewed through the prospective cyclist’s perspective.

But we made it – without too much ado. Of course, having a tail wind of around 15 – 20mph helps enormously. Although three punctures didn’t (none for me, thankfully).

Anyway, I’m exhausted, so this will be blissfully short. Here’s a link to the map (for those who are interested in that sort of thing). I would provide a photo of us all looking naively enthusiastic at the starting point, but my camera is in the car, and two flights of steps is just way too much at a time like this. Môre’s nog ‘n dag.


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2 Responses to LEJOG, Day 1

  1. Jenny Marais says:

    Good luck Nick, I hope you have an amazing trip. Keep safe,have fun. love Jenny

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