Following the Potters

I realised this week that the Premier League season has started. The talk in the office moved away from the cricket (rather swiftly, I must say, which is hardly surprising) and on to the early loss for Manchester United.

That reminded me that I said I was going to try support a team this year, to get into the spirit of things. Or as a rather annoying Sun advert has been repeating ad nauseum this week: Get Involved. My chosen team (Stoke City) hasn’t started too badly – drawing away to Reading, and drawing at home to Arsenal. I must confess that I wasn’t taking too much note of the second match that took place today. I only heard about it on the radio news sports slot in the evening. But I was impressed that I felt a little bit of enthusiasm at the news that they weren’t beaten by Arsenal.

Maybe I’ll get into this thing yet. Perhaps even to the point of being aware of the matches before they happen. What a breakthrough that would be.


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