Ignoring the Peanut Gallery

Hands up all those who like peanut butter? And those who like peanut butter and chocolate combinations? I’d wager there’s a fair few back in South Africa (and a decent proportion of those in the US). But here in Britain, not so much. And I can’t think why. Either there’s genuinely no demand for that sort of thing, or the English just haven’t woken up to the wonder of Peanut Butter & Chocolate. There’s nowt but a Snickers bar to fill the niche, while in most other civilised countries, you’d get loads of options – from Hershey’s and Reece’s Pieces to Black Cat and Lunch Bars.

In order to test this, I got the Wiff to make an absolutely fantabulous Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cheesecake. I’d been asking for this on various occasions for about two years (since we saw the Nigella episode on TV), but finally the occasion presented itself. We were having a fundraising tea to beef up the donation for a Santa Run (more on that on another occasion), and I managed to get her to add this to the spread. It was good enough that even after two years’ worth of anticipation, it lived up to every expectation.

Imagine my surprise when nobody had any (except me, of course). Ok – there weren’t that many people, so it could have been a statistical outlier, or just a natural outcome of a small sample size. Fair enough. But there was enough left over to take to the office, and send out notification to a much larger audience. I told about 60 people about it, and still struggled to get it finished (and yes, I admit it, I had more than one piece).

The following morning, I got some feedback – someone told me that even though they don’t like peanuts at all, they tried it anyway. And they thought the texture was fantastic – better than any cheesecake they’d ever tried. But they hated the taste.

Arrrgh! What is wrong with these people?

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2 Responses to Ignoring the Peanut Gallery

  1. The Counselor says:

    Amazing that you had so few takers for this “made for each other flavor” combination! It would be interesting to substitute hazelnut butter and see what happens.

    • Nick says:

      Ah – Hazelnuts indeed. The thought crossed my mind to head in that direction next, as Nutella is rather popular here. I’ll see if I can get that onto the list of Things to Bake Imminently.

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