How Not to Study for Actuarial Exams

Employers of actuarial students get a raw deal sometimes. Besides paying a pretty decent salary, they have to make allowances for the rigorous study programme. Twice a year, the whole herd migrates to their dens to study and write exams for a couple of weeks, leaving the work to be done by grumbling qualified actuaries. They also usually get a regular study slot which works out to a day every week or two. And even though they make up for it by being flogged like racehorses the rest of the year, there’s still a desire from management to ensure that the study time provided is used well, and results in passed exams.

When I was a student, my one day a week always started off being very productive. But sometime in the early afternoon, things shut down somewhat, and the latter half of the day often ended up being spent moving things around on my desk, or cleaning my room, or writing letters.

I have a strong suspicion that something similar happened to a colleague of mine on Thursday. He’ll remain nameless, and you won’t find his likeness in the pictures (as I’ve cropped it out). But the penguins arrived in the office on Friday morning as part of a leaving spread for someone else. They’re formed by putting a small doughnut onto a cupcake, and covering the whole lot with icing. Looking closely, you’ll see a little name tag for each of them, as each one was slightly different. Frankenpenguin, Gangnam style, a penguin with Proteus syndrome, and plenty of others.¬†Fantastic.

But I suspect that they didn’t have too much to do with Life Contingencies…

Penguins on the Loose, with Frankenpenguin, Cyclops, and Movember in front


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