The Lancashire Bomb – Cheese Review

I had a few questions about the cheese mentioned in yesterday’s post, so I thought I’d provide a bit more info. However, before I get started, I should mention that in certain circles, I have a bit of a reputation (thoroughly unjustified, I might add) of being a purveyor of puns. I therefore promise not to bring in anything bomb-related at all. The cheese will not have an explosive flavour, or the texture of mortar. There will be no references to deciphering the olfactory codes, and no mention of a fusion of styles. You have my word.

Firstly, presentation. The one in the picture is the Gold Vintage Bomb – the original used black wax instead, and thus looks more bomb-like. I’m not a fan of the glitter, but I’ll overlook that given that it’s otherwise a refreshingly original design.

The Vintage Bomb, Matured Three Years

The Vintage Bomb, Matured Three Years

And another picture, showing the texture, which is not entirely unlike Cheshire. It’s not quite as dry as that, though – but not as crumbly as Wensleydale.


The flavour is late on arrival – building up over time – but is more subtle than I was expecting, given that it’s really well matured. It doesn’t have a sharp tang, but is a lot stronger than a typical Cheshire family cheese. I found it just a little bit flat. It’s possible to eat a fair quantity without being overwhelmed, which is good, but dangerous.

The odour, however, packs more of a punch. Not the wonderful smelly-sock stench of penicillin mold, but just a dairy-product-that’s-been-around-a-while whack to the nose. Delightful.

Overall verdict – a very good cheese, but not at the top of my list. Certainly my favourite out of the Cheshire/Lancashire/Wensleydale family, but that’s mainly to do with the strength of flavour, and the ability to cut it without it falling to pieces.

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