Black and Scruffy Food

It’s been a while since I mentioned anything on the food front, so here are two new things I’ve come across in the past month or two.

Firstly, there’s Jersey Black Butter. A friend brought some back from a Jersey holiday as a gift.

Jersey Black Butter

Jersey Black Butter

Not sure why it’s called butter, because it isn’t. It’s certainly Black, and it’s from Jersey, so two out of three ain’t bad, I suppose. It’s more like a sort of chutney. A mix between apple sauce and fruit mince, with a balsamic vinegar glaze included. Absolutely delicious by itself, but even better with cheese. You can buy it here. Do it. Now.

Secondly, this is something I came across at a fruit & veg stall at Wellesbourne Market. The guy there called it a scruffy melon, which I’d never heard of, so I bought two. Trying to find out about it a bit later, I searched on google, and didn’t find anything. Well, I didn’t find anything relevant – there’s a lovely video of Helen Melonlady demonstrating how to do a scruffy bun in your hair. (Should you be interested, the link is here. If you manage to get past the point where she says “Hair accessorieeeeeeees!”, you have my admiration.) And a heartwarming profile of two dogs called Scruffy and Melon, who like eating Kibbles and Chunks, and don’t like scary things. Very cute, they are. All that this proves is that they’re probably pretty rare, and/or are usually called something else. I had a look through the Completely Authoritative List of Melons on Wikipedia (as you do), but couldn’t find anything that resembled it.


Scruffy Melon. No relation of Scruffy, Melon, or the Melonlady.


Back to things edible, though. The skin looks sort of watermelonish, but rougher and a bit marrowy. The inside is not entirely unlike a honeydew melon. But with more texture, slightly less flavour, and significantly less colour. To paraphrase the Michelin guide, it’s worth a go if you happen to come across one rather cheaply, but it’s not worth the drive. Certainly not if you don’t happen to live near Wellesbourne.

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