We All Like Sheep…

Something this country does really well is arbitrary meaningless events that keep hordes entertained to an inordinate degree. After all, there are millions of people looking for something to do, and somewhere to do it. And after a long, dark, cold winter, and a long, wet, cold spring, they’re desperate enough to do just about anything if someone else can convince them that it might be fun. The sad thing is that I’ve now been here long enough to have had this attitude inculcated into my psyche.

And so when someone says “Hey, why don’t you go to London and look for Shaun the Sheep?”, you respond with, “Hell, yes!”

So that’s what we did yesterday – traipsing about 12kms around the streets of London, ticking off 43 Shauns from St James’ park to Tower Bridge. They’re all painted up by local artists, sponsored by local businesses, and at the end of it all will be auctioned off for fundraising. Methinks I want one. Here are a few of them, just to give you a taste of what it’s all about:




Yeoman of the Baa-rd


Geisha Sheep








Mossy Bottom


Did I mention that there were a few puns here and there?

Of course, there’s an app that goes along with it, where you get the chance to tick off the Shauns as you find them. And pick up achievements like “Found 10 Shauns in London”, or “Reverse Engineer” which involves walking backwards for the last 15m when approaching the Shaun. It’s almost like a live-action computer game.

So, here’s a pic of me leveling-up. As you do…

Checking for Achievements after finding Literary Shaun

Now, we need to plan to go back to tick off the last 7 we didn’t get to (there’s only so far you can frog-march two young kids in a single day). And then it’s off to Bristol in July to pick up the other 70 there. Before making a modest bid for one of them in the auction. Literary Shaun would go perfectly outside my front door…

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