New Year, New Places

Going for a cycle involves two things, really. A bike, and somewhere to go. And while there are a lot of little country lanes within an hours ride of me, it eventually starts to get a little along the lines of déjà vu. As beautiful as the scenery is, there is a risk that it becomes a case of “this way again…”

So when I stumbled across this blog post on VeloViewer, I was immediately intrigued. I  had a look at my explorer map around my area, which looked like this at the end of 2016:


If I say so myself, that’s rather impressive coverage, given that I wasn’t really trying to do that. However, there are a few isolated squares I haven’t been to, and the south east corner is rather empty (and gets a lot worse just off the picture).

So this year, while trying to keep up with distance, and fitness, I’ll have a secondary aim: To increase the size of my max square from 13×13 at the end of 2016 to something a bit larger. 20×20 is probably doable, with a bit of diligence.

And so the first ride for 2017 took me to that little square South-East of Henley in Arden. The only road in it is a dead-end lane going past a little lake to a farm. So it’s not unreasonable that I wouldn’t have been that way before. But it’s certainly worth the trip, especially in the cold stillness of a winter morning:


So here’s to a 2017 full of new places, new routes, and new experiences.

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