The Road Strikes Back

On my way to work, when I’m not trying to keep my bike pristine, I ride along Houndsfield Lane. This has a dip where it crosses the Cole River (of Tolkien’s Sarehole Mill fame), and because it’s a small country lane, there’s a ford instead of a bridge.

Well, there’s a ford for road traffic, at least – pedestrians (and bicycles, of course), have a little bridge, which is nice. Anyway, every now and then, there’ll be some serious rain, and the ford will flood, and smart people will turn around and go another way. It puts 5-10 minutes on their journey, but it’s not a hard decision to make.

Or so you’d think. It turns out that this little ford is the third worst in the country for rescue call-outs, according to this page. So there are a lot of stupid people around. I have seen people being helped out a couple of times over the years.

This is what it looks like when there’s a normal amount of water:

Ford on Houndsfield

There are helpful flood guides on each side which let you know exactly how deep the water is.

So, yesterday morning, the snow is all melting, and the water level has risen, and some twit in a BMW has decided that his 3-series has a road clearance of more than 2 feet. Here is his car:

2018-03-06 07.41.56

Pity the Fool who owns this car…

Not only was his car immobile, but he’d left the front door open, and just left it there. Wonderful. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to see what was obviously a typical BMW driver (if you look closely, you can see it’s an upgraded M-series version) get his comeuppance.

No, sir, BMW drivers don’t own the road. This time, the road owned you.

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