Cycle Trip, with family in tow

Long-time readers of this blog will know that once a year, I manage to get my family sufficiently enthused to get on their bikes and go for a three-day cycle. Three years ago, it was the Devon Coast-to-Coast, two years ago was Birmingham to Oxford. And last year, well, I’m sure something else happened. Two out of three ain’t bad, as they sing.

This year, under pain of death, I was instructed to find somewhere flat. Having gone for a day-trip to Cambridge with the Wiff, and noticed a) some cycle paths, and b) a complete lack of elevation, that decision was easily made. So, we’re off to Cambridge tomorrow to do a round trip of St Ives, Ely, Brandon and Bury St Edmunds. Thusly:


Now, this tied in to part of the Lad’s Aspire program, whereby he needs to organise something. So he plotted the route (yes, it’s all his fault that it’s 126 miles, not 100 as the ladies suspect!), booked the hotels, and arranged the car parking.

But it’ll be good to be back on the road as a family again – good times usually ensue, unless there’s rain. Which, according to the eminently accurate folks at the BBC, there shouldn’t be.

I’ll report back when we return – unlike the Oxford trip, where it seems I didn’t bother writing anything. Tut tut.


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2 Responses to Cycle Trip, with family in tow

  1. Brad Nixon says:

    Hey! This is fun. I have cycled some of that same route, at least the Cambridge – Bury portion, en route to the tiny village of Icklingham, a bit further east. That was, um 41 years ago. I recommend that you not camp on Jesus Green, as a Canadian guy and I did, for the local bovver boys found it great sport to collapse our tent on us and, um, bovver us. I assume that’s not part of your plan, anyway. I’d come up from the Cotswolds, through Stoke Bruerne, and may have passed through Cambourne, but might have failed to pay attention in the midst of rain.
    That’s all I’ll burden you with. I’m happy to think of the Tickners wheeling those roads.
    FYI, in Icklingham, I visited a much older cousin who’d been one of the many pulled off Dunkirk in that terrible episode.
    Happy trails!

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