Cambridge Tour, Day One

Funny how when you’re going on holiday, you don’t consider the traffic caused by those who still have to work. Well, I tend not to. Friday morning, rush hour, the M6, and road works. Not a great combination. Still, it only added 15 minutes or so to our journey to Cambridge, and we were on the bikes and cycling by 9:40.

The route varied between quiet country lanes and cycle lanes alongside busy roads – could definitely have been a bit better, but it was pleasant enough most of the time. St Ives was a highlight, as was Witcham.

I think that the different scenery lends itself to a different type of road. Round our way, we have loads of little single track lanes, which wind up and down hills. Here, the countryside is flat, meaning that it’s easier to plot a direct route, meaning that there are fewer roads, and those are busier. Just a theory, though. And it is flat: 37 miles with only 750 feet of elevation.

Tomorrow sees us do a bit of a zig zag to Mildenhall via Thetford. 45 miles or so. But here’s today’s animated route replay:

And a few photos that didn’t make it into the video:

Bikes racked up at the start

Elmsdon clock tower in the market square

The old Bridge at St Ives

Church in Witcham

Ely cathedral

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1 Response to Cambridge Tour, Day One

  1. Brad Nixon says:

    Great. Looking forward to seeing shots of the cyclists!

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