Cambridge Tour, Day Two: Detours and Tours de Force

Today started much as yesterday finished: it’s flat on these here fens, and once you get up and rolling, the miles just pass by without too much effort. Especially with a tail wind.

There was a section where we went off road, so to speak, taking a narrow single track farm road across fields of vegetables. Wonderful, but a harbinger of what was to come, as our route planning app had actually led us through a private no access road. Which signage we ignored…this time at least.

The villages of Feltwell, Brandon and Thetford came and went, each with a stop for a snack, a lunch, a coffee. Or rather, given our early start and rollicking pace, second breakfast, elevensies and lunch.

And then the route planning came back to bite. The way from Thetford to Mildenhall goes along a dual carriage A-road. So we’d plotted what looked like a country lane through a forest. It turned out to be a genuine forest track which got rougher, and rougher, until we gave up, exited left and took the long way around. 50 miles instead of 43 will not make for happy campers at the best of times…

…only to find that our hotel booking was for the previous night. Yes, I’d made the mistake of booking two hotels in two different places on the same night. Try telling two tired teenagers that they need to cycle 7 miles back to the next budget hotel… So we’ve splurged on an inn a few hundred yards away, with the added bonus of not having breakfast in Starbucks.

Here’s the video for the day’s ride:


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