Cambridge Tour, Day Three

All’s well that end’s well, when it comes to mismade hotel bookings. Sleeping four in a room in a budget Travelodge is all very well when you’re doing a holiday on the cheap, but a surprise uplift to the Old Bull Inn, with Super King sized beds, and a separate room for the kids, was a very welcome change. Not to mention a decent breakfast. Starting out with stuffed stomachs at 9:30 was very different to our 8:30 start yesterday after a Starbucks panini. Wonderful.

The route for the first 20 miles was great too – small roads, winding lanes, and countryside more akin to what we’re used to – wheat fields instead of vegetables, and gently rolling hills instead of endless flats. However, it did skip out on an excursion to Bury St Edmunds, which denied me the opportunity to scratch something off my bucket list: to stand in the town centre and boldly proclaim

I have come to Bury St Edmunds, not to praise him!

Yes, I know, it’s weak. I didn’t say how high it was on my bucket list, and I’m not particularly bothered by its continued presence. The reason for the change was due to the overrun yesterday – it seemed the least I could do to reduce today’s tally by about 6 miles in recompense. Ah well, next time.

Well, lunch in Newmarket was followed by a second stint which took us back to Cambridge, where an ice-cream truck beckoned. In the end, it’s just the urge to finish that keeps you going, and as much as I’d have loved a walk around Cambridge in the sun, it just didn’t happen.

And that was that. Nothing too exciting, just a gentle ride that had a beginning, and a middle, and an end. In total, just short of 130 miles of cycling over three days. Which may not feel like a lot for me – but with pretty much all the luggage packed on my bike, I certainly knew about all the uphills. And it’s quite an achievement for the kids, especially since we didn’t get around do doing any training with them this year. Apart from one trip down to Henley Ice Cream, which is one of our staple routes…

Anyway, here’s a video of the ride:

And one or two photos:

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1 Response to Cambridge Tour, Day Three

  1. Brad Nixon says:

    We wondered about distribution of gear. Noble of you to be the packhorse. Something you can hold over the kids’ heads for decades to come! Congrats on a safe adventure, and thanks for posting from the route.

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