My Gear Cable is Smarter than Me

At the beginning of the year, long before the mad idea of cycling around Wales came to fruition, I signed up for a few local Audax rides. One of these has the very inviting name of The Kidderminster Killer. It’s 210km of hilly roads, totalling 3,750m of climbing. I’ve been wanting to ride it for a couple of years, but never get around to it (given that it’s at a rather busy time of year).

The only fly in the ointment was Wales – as much as I wanted to do the ride, going all out four days before the trip was probably not going to be a good idea. So when it rained the night before, I thought it might make a good excuse if it carried on. No luck there – nice and dry in the morning. And the scoffing of a colleague at the weak excuse of another that announced he was pulling out due to a party the night before put paid to any similar ideas on my part. So, it was with a bit of misgiving that I set out early this morning, heading for Belbroughton, But my bike had other ideas – six miles out, the gear cable snapped.

A limp home, a bit of repair work, and it’s back to being good as new, but with a little less mileage on it than expected, with hopefully a commensurately higher quantity of miles left in the legs.

This does mean that my training distance isn’t as great as I was hoping for, but I should still be in good enough nick to make it through next week alive. Now for a couple of days off, and then Tuesday sees me ride to Shrewsbury for the start early on Wednesday morning.

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1 Response to My Gear Cable is Smarter than Me

  1. Brad Nixon says:

    I’ll stay alert for an opportunity, but there will almost certainly never be an occasion when a native-born Yank could get away with saying he’s “in good enough nick.” The only possible response will be derisive laughter. Happy riding!

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