Mille Cymru: Prologue

The day is finally here. When I booked the ride, it was months away, I had plenty of time to do loads of training, and the thought of fundraising hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Now, I’m in an Airbnb room in Shrewsbury, feeling more than just a little bit inadequate. I haven’t done all the riding I thought I might, I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten, my bag is heavier than I’d like it to be, and the ride here (which was supposed to be an easy tootle) was into a stiff headwind the whole way. The one success is the fundraising, which is a small step away from £600, which, when my company’s matching contribution is added, puts me well past my target. Thanks again to all for being so generous!

The ride up was mostly uneventful: beautiful scenery through Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale counteracted by a few sections on busy roads at rush hour. There was one detour of made, when I spotted the National Cycle Network route 45 signposted to Shrewsbury. I’ve been a big fan of the NCN since this ride, although the romance wore a bit thin when it redirected me back to the main road as I entered Shrewsbury.

Anyway, the next two days are the crucial ones. Tomorrow, because it’s going to be hillier than anything I’ve ever done before, and I have to keep enough aside for Thursday. And then Thursday, which is the one I’m worried about finishing on time. My Airbnb room is in the house of a little old lady and I don’t want to keep her up too late, poor dear. If I’m still in the running after those, then only a mechanical issue will get me down.

Relive took longer than usual to give me a video, but here it is now. You probably won’t get many more of those as the free ones are limited to rides of under 10 hours.

So some photos instead:

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