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Caught in the Act

I realised a day or so after my recent blog about beards that I hadn’t actually mentioned my dilly dallying with a theatre group up until that point. This is probably more to do with me not mentioning much at … Continue reading

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It started off as simple conversation – a mention of a trip a few years ago, and a throw-away comment along the lines of “Hmmm, I wouldn’t mind doing that…” It quickly got a life of its own, and soon … Continue reading

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Ring out the bells upon this day of days

In the run-up to the Royal Wedding, I was trying to think of something to do that would more than justify my lack of interest in the wedding itself. Something witty, clever, hilarious. So when people say “So, did you … Continue reading

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New Hobby: Cheese Locationing

10 years ago, while driving through France, we passed within about 50kms of Roquefort, and the thought passed between us – “Should we go there and have a taste of Roquefort in Roquefort?” In the end, we decided against it, … Continue reading

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A Bit Slow on the Uptake

Those who know me reasonably well will attest to the fact that I’m seldom a forerunner. I’m never in the queue at the Apple store, or ahead of the technology curve, or on the cutting edge of interesting pursuits. I … Continue reading

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