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Missing the Point of the Smiths

People who have watched both US and UK TV programmes will know that there’s a fair bit of difference between them. Most obviously, in the fairness of face of the actors (and especially actresses). UK TV tends to be more … Continue reading

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Alternative Time Lapse Photography

My ride this weekend was hill training. This involves finding a half-decent hill, and going up and down it numerous times until I either hit some sort of goal, get bored, or run out of steam. My closest hill that … Continue reading

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Pancakes Again

Back in South Africa, the trimmings around Easter, such as Lent, Ash Wednesday and Shrove Tuesday are only really observed in the Catholic community. I was vaguely aware of Lent, but all the others were only found in the pages of … Continue reading

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Timely Training

My train was on time today. Annoying, because I almost missed it. It used to be the case that it was reliably one or two minutes late. I can leave my house at 7:15, walk the 0.8 miles to the … Continue reading

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Railway Bridges and Canals: Intersections of Industrialism

Autumn is come, and the air is chilly. And so I haven’t been sitting in my usual spot on Victoria Square observing the movement and interaction of people over my lunch break that often. Once I’m acclimatised, and I’ve procured … Continue reading

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Will they stay or will they go?

I spent a week in Scotland recently. While there, I learnt a lot of things. Some of them are mildly interesting: If I lived there, I’d be a lot fitter. There are a lot more hills to cycle up than … Continue reading

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The Morality of Tax

Tax avoidance has been a high-profile issue in the UK over the past six months or so. And more recently, it’s getting picked up in the US as Apple’s affairs get a bit of a grilling. But what I’ve been fascinated … Continue reading

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