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Making Outlook Work

For the most part, Outlook works just fine. Of course, my acceptance of the functional level of this Microsoft product probably stems from many years of being forced to use Lotus Notes. Anything works just fine in comparison. However, there … Continue reading

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Fancy a Cookie?

It’s old news now, but about a year ago, the EU (in its infinite wisdom) decided that all European websites needed to inform users that the site uses cookies. Pretty soon, most sites started showing a little pop-up at the … Continue reading

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How to Sell Gardening Equipment to Males

This is an ad I saw on Friday evening – it’s for a Fiskars Weed Puller. Go on, have a look, by clicking here. It’s not often that something attracts my attention so much that within 15 minutes I’ve looked … Continue reading

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Modern Reminiscences

Do you have a computer game that you played when you were a kid, that you still think back to every now and then? Perhaps something that you really struggled though, but eventually beat, giving you a sense of great … Continue reading

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Spreadsheets of the Night

I’ve been working with some spreadsheets at the office lately. These aren’t your simple, solitary spreadsheets which are content to sit in a corner of your hard drive and do their thing on their own. They’re not even the sort … Continue reading

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Slow on the Water

Canals are not something one immediately associates with South Africa. There’s only a couple that I’m aware of – one leading from the V&A Waterfront to the Cape Town International Convention Centre, and a few hundred yards around Canal Walk … Continue reading

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A Bit Slow on the Uptake

Those who know me reasonably well will attest to the fact that I’m seldom a forerunner. I’m never in the queue at the Apple store, or ahead of the technology curve, or on the cutting edge of interesting pursuits. I … Continue reading

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