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Audax Redux: Another Failure

My last organised ride for the year was meant to be the Autumn Audax arranged by Beacon RCC. Called Beyond the Dyke, it starts in Belbroughton, and heads over to Wales before returning. Hilly, but not too much so, long … Continue reading

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Tangled Wireless

A few years ago, living in South Africa, I had a wireless router putt-putting away on a 1Mb broadband connection. (Narrow broadband, I know, but that’s not important right now.) The only things that connected to the router were two … Continue reading

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I Wish to Register a Complaint…

There’s a commonly held belief that the British just don’t know how to complain. This is not quite true, in spite of it being used to good effect by Monty Python in numerous sketches. The reality is that the British … Continue reading

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Recipes for Recession

How do you know when a nation is going through hard times? There are, of course, numerous signs. Unemployment hits record highs, particularly among the youth. Retail sales volumes decrease, in spite of the proximity to Christmas. Doom and gloom … Continue reading

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A Table of Cats

Advance notice: This post is actuarial in nature, so please don’t feel distraught if not much of it makes sense to you. It is intended to be included in a very elite group of articles which make actuaries laugh more … Continue reading

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Spreadsheets of the Night

I’ve been working with some spreadsheets at the office lately. These aren’t your simple, solitary spreadsheets which are content to sit in a corner of your hard drive and do their thing on their own. They’re not even the sort … Continue reading

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Teaching Mexicans to Laugh, One Car at a Time

The British sense of humour is legendary. A dry, razor-sharp, wit; a slightly wacky, goonish element; a substantial self-deprecatory thread. All woven together to form something unique. But the rest of the world either doesn’t really get it, or admires … Continue reading

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