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London Revolution 2017

Some rides are good because they’re tough, and challenging (Fred Whitton, I’m coming for you someday). Some are good ┬ábecause they’re sociable. Some are good because of the route, or the scenery, or the sense of achievement. And then some … Continue reading

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Building up to the Olympics

I remember when Cape Town made a bid for the 2004 Olympics. Back in 1996, we were newly back in the international world, thoroughly enjoying our elevated status as a fledgling democracy. Optimism was high, and the enthusiasm for the … Continue reading

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A Penchant for Souvenirs

My initial reaction on entering the British Museum for the first time was wonderment and amazement. The sheer number of priceless ancient articles is mind-boggling. The Rosetta Stone, the Gilgamesh Flood tablet, the Elgin Marbles. The Egyptian mummies, the head … Continue reading

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Ode to Londoners

I’ve just returned from a three-day jaunt to London, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Firstly, because there’s such a lot to see and experience (more of that later). But also because I’m more thankful than ever that I don’t live … Continue reading

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Riotous Assembly

I have struggled to find a stable response to the riots that have swept across the UK for the past few days. On the one hand, it’s easy to join in with the typical UK response. Shock, horror, disbelief. Why … Continue reading

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Here’s a question you probably think you know the answer to: Which country has the higher population density – England, India or Japan? The obvious one for me would be Japan, which is notoriously overcrowded. But it’s not – and … Continue reading

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